With over decade of experience in the tensile Membrane  industry, Shadeflex enjoys  wide patronage in India, Europe, Middle Eastand Far East. Shadeflex Prefabs Private limited through its Joint venture with Textil Bau Gmbh, Germany and with the help of strategic partners ie Masy International W.L.L Located in Kingdom of Bahrain, Vector Foil tech Germany GmbH and  Light weight structures Group, Canada has been able to enlarge its  product range, upgrade  machinery,  state of Art  technology and  ensure additional capacities to meet the ever increasing demands of our clients  even in peak times.  
  Tensile Architecture is still a young and vibrant industry. Exploiting modern fabric technology and associated structural engineering techniques, we are at the cutting edge, designing and creating tensile membrane structures with stunning architectural elegance and impact. Shadeflex continues to enjoy  technology edge over others working hand in hand with clients, architects and engineers to create breathtaking membrane architecture - elegant, energy efficient, long lasting, clean and economical structures.  
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